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1- I have no real estate experience, but I would like to start. Is Checkmate for me?
If you want to become a professional in the real estate market, we have an Academy on our website, where you can access ebooks and video classes to learn about real estate investment. In addition, Checkmate offers all the tools so you can easily find and analyze deals to help you get started.

2- Do I have unlimited access to Checkmate?
We have a monthly and an annual plan available. On a monthly basis, it’s like a subscription to a stream. You pay as long as you need it. If you are an active real estate investor or want to become one, the best option is to choose the annual plan, as it has a pecial discount on the subscription. You can also choose to try it for 7 free days to use the tools and decide the best plan for you.

3- I’m a Realtor, how can I benefit from Checkmate?
Your benefits will be vast. You can use Checkmate to find new clients through our off market properties and skip trace capabilities, look for new opportunities for your current clients and build relationships with other professionals in your area.

4- Are the property search capabilities unlimited?
As a platform subscriber, you will have unlimited searches. For the Skip Trace feature, you will have 20 per month included in the plan, but you can do more within the month that exceeds that amount, at a very small cost.

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