Revolutionize Your Real Estate Marketing with Automated Campaigns

Supercharge your property marketing strategies with automated Postcards and E-mails for unstoppable success.

How can Automated Marketing Campaigns Help your Business?

Postcards that Pop

Deliver impactful, eye-catching Postcards that stand out in your marketing efforts, leaving a lasting impression on potential buyers and sellers.

E-mails that Engage

Harness the power of well-crafted E-mails that captivate your audience, nurturing your leads effectively and driving real estate business growth.

Automation Advantages

Enjoy the ultimate advantage of automation, saving you time and effort in executing marketing campaigns, leaving you more time to close deals.

Maximize Impact

Achieve the maximum marketing impact with Automated Campaigns, enhancing your real estate business's profitability, and making your brand unforgettable.

About Checkmate Property

Checkmate Property brings the most advanced tools to the market, providing simplicity and accuracy. We empower you to discover properties, analyze costs and profits, negotiate directly with key stakeholders, and secure investment capital without intermediaries.

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  • Analysis with estimated rehab costs
  • Analysis with estimated ROI and net profit
  • Cloud storage for all projects
  • Download of rehab and ROI report


($50.00) USD/month
  • Free for 1 entire year
  • Expand your client base
  • Advertise your business to all Checkmate Members
  • Get new clients in your area
  • Increase your revenue with qualified customers
  • Get all benefits of our free plan

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Save $80.08 USD annually

  • Property search – on/off market
  • Property history
  • Mortgage and Equity information
  • Access to Comparable Properties
  • Tax information
  • Property Owner information
  • Skip Trace (20 free searches per month)
  • Analysis with estimated rehab costs
  • Analysis with estimated ROI and net profit
  • Download rehab and ROI reports
  • Automated marketing campaigns (post cards and emails)
  • Find a real estate professional in your area
  • Includes all features of professional plan
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